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Postings do not constitute endorsement, but are posted for the benefit of participants of the UW Data Science Center.

SturdyAI – Data Scientist – Laramie (posted 29 June 2021)

At SturdyAI we are building an omni-channel B2B enterprise SaaS platform that refines business-critical signals mined from customer communications content. We integrate customer content sources (like, tickets, email, chat) and use AI/ML to find importance (like "Potential Churn", "Upsell" and "Feature Request"). We then broadcast these signals to people, workflows, and BI tools.

Sturdy AI is looking for a self-directed Data Scientist who excels at practically applying machine learning techniques toward enriching the communications content we capture.  You will be responsible for generating, enhancing, and tracking the performance of models that run in our SaaS business application as well as helping architect and build our machine learning infrastructure.  For more information about SturdyAI, please see our website, and to find out about our great benefits and other opportunities, see our careers page.

About You

You are detail oriented and meticulous

·         Details are very important to you.  At the same time, you strive to understand the big picture.

·         You excel at finding excellent (nothing is perfect) and complete solutions to complex problems.

You are practical

·         You know when to research a problem (which is expected), and when to start working on a solution.

·         You naturally strive to understand and internalize requirements, not just technically, but also based on the impact on the end user.

You are self-directed; understanding a problem and finding a solution is something you enjoy.  You have a personality, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boisterous - you probably aren’t.

If this sounds like you, please continue reading and apply!


·         Build models that drive data analysis in our product

·         Meticulously track, report, and articulate performance of our machine learning models as they evolve

·         Collaborate on secure and performant data science architecture (production and development)

·         Create algorithms for data cleaning

·         Perform ad-hoc analysis and clearly articulate results

·         Work in a continually changing and improving startup environment, contributing strongly to continuous improvement

Skills & Qualifications

·         2+ years of data science experience

·         Experience building machine learning models (experience with Python and text classification models a plus)

·         Excellent communication skills (ability to communicate in technical terms and still be human)

·         The desire and ability to learn quickly

·         Experience with multiple data science environments and tools

·         Bachelor of Science (or equivalent experience)

Preferred Experience

·         Masters degree in STEM field

·         Some experience with our technology stack: Python, Postgres, Docker, git

About SturdyAI

With the rise of the cloud technology, we can capture - finally - every conversation with our customers from every channel

But, finding the signals in this data at scale remains a huge challenge.

SturdyAI is building technology to automate and augment how we detect signals empowering companies to seize opportunities and to preempt risks.

For B2B SaaS companies, consistent growth comes from a complete understanding of your customers. More than 15% of all messages from your customers contain a signal that can indicate a risk or an opportunity. Signals come from hundreds of potential sources. The challenge is consistently identifying them and getting them to the right individuals or workflows in time to create an optimal outcome.

SturdyAI's customer operations solution helps leaders quickly and consistently identify critical signals that impact the bottom line.

SturdyAI helps companies turn customer content into higher retention rates, timely upsells and renewals, new features, bug reports, market intelligence, and more. SturdyAI give companies new paths to grow.