UW Data Science Center

The goal of the UW Data Science Center is to lower the barrier to entry into productive analysis of data.  

Additionally, we seek to foster the careers of our participants and to build the data science capacity in Wyoming, to the benefit of its residents (including businesses and governments).

Many of the activities of the Data Science Center take place in Aven Nelson room 210, where the center is housed.

This webspace is public by default (read-only). You can request write access with an email to Rick Matlock

Working groups 

  • General data science working group – we are meeting on Zoom 1-2pm (MT) on Fridays in the fall 2022 semester.

  • TechTalkLaramie – Laramie’s evening TechTalks are an informal networking and social get-together with a focus on technology. Meets occur twice per month, and are generally on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Check out our calendar for upcoming meeting times and locations! The first Thursday of the month (usually) is an informal gathering for sharing ideas, solutions, experiences, and – optionally – a drink.

  • former groups

Short courses and workshops

Mailing lists

For communication beyond these confluence pages, we have two internal mailing lists. UW users are welcome to subscribe themselves at the following links:

  • data-science-center – this is our main list for communication about things of interest to the data science center

  • data-science-center-announce – this is a moderated list with low-frequency mailings that announce major events and activities.

Consultation – Data science office hours during the academic year

Person and affiliation




Shannon Albeke, UW (mail)

Agriculture 316/323

by appointment

General computing with R, statistics and spatial analyses (R, ArcGIS and other open source software)

Gordon Custer, UW (mail)


by appointment

Amplicon sequence processing, general computing in R, general stats with a microbial ecology focus, basic shell scripts 

Jared Studyvin, UW Stats Dept. (mail)

RH 333


M-R 12-1pm

Statistical consulting, R: statistical analyses, data wrangling, data visualization, JAGS

Shay Howlin, WEST, Inc. (mail)


by appointment

Deep learning (computer vision and Artificial Neural Nets); Bayesian modeling; Ecological and epidemiological modeling and simulations; Python, R, Stan

Internship program

WEST (an environmental and statistical consulting company founded in Wyoming) hosts paid data-science internships in partnership with Wyoming EPSCoR. These are suitable for undergraduate or graduate students or recent alum. See https://microcollaborative.atlassian.net/l/c/EGHpQZkc for more information.


We have considered hosting a local data science competition at UW.  We would use this an opportunity to learn from one another, with in person meetings and discussions of the projects and entries, including by judges and attendees who are data science professionals.  Additionally, some students are interested in Kaggle and other competitions.  More information is on the Data Science competitions page.

Other data science topics

Knowledge base

  • How do we share code and Rmarkdown output?: consider shared projects on Rstudio.cloud

Cluster and other research computing
  • How to use git

  • How to get access to cluster computing resources at UW

  • How to ssh to the cluster computer (Teton, teton.uwyo.edu)

  • How to submit jobs to the shared queue for the cluster computing with SLURM

Statistical modeling

Recent space activity

Space contributors