Creating shared globus directories: sharing data with users outside of teton

Globus is a tool that UWyo uses for transfer of large data files or collections with collaborators that don’t have easy access otherwise. It allows you to assign read or write permissions. You can share it with just an email. If transferring from a personal machine, one must download Globus Connect Personal. You can find more information on Globus here.

Instructions (Web Interface)

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click “Login” and search for and select University of Wyoming

  3. Login to University of Wyoming

  4. Search for a Collection (ie. ARCC: Teton)

  5. Add path of directory you need to share or navigate to it

  6. Select directory you want to share

  7. Click “Share” toward the top right

  8. Either add it to an existing “Guest Collection” or click “Add A Guest Collection”

  9. Fill in “Share Display Name” and any of the other fields you deem requisite

  10. Click “Create Share”

  11. Select “Add Permissions - Share With”

  12. Add email(s) to “Username or Email” and click “Add”

    1. make sure to check “write” if this is needed, but typically leave as “read” only

Instructions (Command Line)