Shipping to Psomagen

Forms can be found on the petalibrary. Enter path into Finder:


“QU200629-137_OperatingQuote” is used to fill out “Psomagen_NGS_Order_Sheet_2019_v2”

Everything except the sample and tube names can be copied from “NovaSeq3_NGS_Order_Sheet”

Save new sheet as “SampleName_NGS_Order_Sheet”

Go Here to get shipping label. It will be emailed to you within an hour. If not email them with concerns.

Transfer 100 ul of full Pool into a 1.5 ml tube. Close lid securely. Label Lid with permanent marker. Attach labeled sticker to tube. Seal with parafilm. Add tube to 50 ml tube and stuff with packing material to avoid movement. Label 50 ml tube in the same manner.

Add 50 ml tube to a styrofoam shipper from front of lab. Surround tube with ice packs from freezers 3, 4, or 5.

Use packing materials to fill up space in styrofoam cooler. Tape shut.

Add cooler to a box. Add 1-2 TB drive (Usually the one labeled “Psomagen”) in all its packaging.

Call 307-766-2304 Option 1 to request a pickup from Shipping and Receiving. Tell them your name, EPSCoR, Berry Center, 307-766-4290, and no dolly needed.

Adhere Label to box, tape box shut, place in Berry Center office on the counter.