The Microbial Ecology Collaborative

Science Leads and Co-PIs





Cynthia Weinig

 Naomi Ward 

Alex Buerkle 

  Linda van Diepen   

(Team Lead 2017-2018, June 2021-May 2022)

(Team Lead 2018-2019)

(Team Lead August 2019- May 2021)

(Team Lead June 2022- August 2023)

Other Science Faculty

Shannon Albeke

Franco Basile 

Bryan Shuman

David Williams  


Postdoctoral Researchers

Seifeddine Ben Tekaya

Postdoc in Ward lab

Felix Bredoire

Postdoc in Williams lab, February 2019-

Lorelei Curtin

Postdoc in Shuman lab

Melissa DeSiervo

Postdoc in Shoemaker lab

Reilly Dibner

Postdoc in Weinig lab, January 2019

Amanda Dougherty

Postdoc in van Diepen lab

Dulcinea Groff

Postdoc in Shuman lab

Joshua Harrison

Postdoc in Buerkle lab

Mitchell Helling

Postdoc in Baslile Lab

Nathan Wisnoski

Postdoc in Albeke/Shuman Labs

Research Staff

Nicholas Case

Research staff in Albeke lab

Samantha Ewers

Research staff in Albeke lab

Shannon Harris

Laboratory Technician

Jessica Kern

Manager, Genome Technologies Laboratory

Gregg Randolph

Manager, Genome Technologies Laboratory

Graduate Students 

Erin Bentley

Masters student in Buerkle lab.

 Alessandra Ceretto

PhD student in Weinig lab.

Gordon Custer

PhD student van Diepen lab.

Than Thi Ngoc Dam

PhD student in Zhu lab.

Janette Davidson

Masters student in Shoemaker lab.

Abby Hoffman

PhD student in Dave Williams lab.

Tanner Hoffman

Masters student in van Diepen lab


Louis Mallon

Masters student in Shuman lab. 

Macy Ricketts

PhD student in Ward lab.

Brandon Saiz

PhD student in Basile lab.

Ioana Stefanescu

PhD student in Shuman lab.

Megan Szojka

PhD student in Shoemaker lab

Education Outreach and Diversity 

Andrea Burrows

EOD participant (K12)

Jacki Klancher

EOD Participant

Kristen Landreville

EOD participant

Tarissa Spoonhunter

EOD participant

Erin Stoesz

EOD participant

Rene Williams

EOD participant


EPSCoR Office staff and Administration


Lisa Abeyta

Coordinator of Student Programs

Brent Ewers

Project PI and Project Director of Wyoming EPSCoR

Sarah Konrad

Associate Director of Wyoming EPSCoR

Nichole Lumadue

Education, Outreach, Diversity Coordinator

Rick Matlock

Project Administrator

Tom Smith

EPSCoR Accountant

Jenevie Wagner

EPSCoR Accounting Associate