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Biogeochemical analysis


Tier One Analysis:  pH, EC, Moisture, Total C/N

Tier Two Analysis:   DOC/DON, NO3/NH4 (cations/anions)

Tier Three Analysis:   Total P, Available P, Inorganic C, Soil texture

Tier Four Analysis: Total elemental analysis, Enzymes (C, N, P), PLFA/microbial biomass, isotopes


Tier One Analysis:  pH, EC, %DO, Total DO, Temperature, T DS

Tier Two Analysis:   DOC, DON, cations/anions

Tier Three Analysis:   Chlorophyl-a


Tier One Analysis:  total C, N,

Tier Two Analysis:  total P, S

Tier Three Analysis:   C,N, P, S isotopes, sugar, starch, proteins

SOPs for biogeochemical analysis

pH and EC

Soil Moisture

Total C/N/S

NO3, NH4 and other cations/anions


Total P

Available P

Inorganic C

Soil texture

Total elemental analysis

Enzymes (C, N, P)

PLFA/microbial biomass


Mini Beadbeater-96 

Freeze Dryer