Machine learning collaborative group

The goals of this group include:

  1. Seek and provide help for specific topics (e.g., how to make a certain type of neural net)

  2. Read and discuss papers

  3. Look over code and play with new tools

The group will meet sporadically, as needed. We can arrange the meetings on this page so if someone gets interested at a later date they can tune in.

Interested parties: @Mallory Lai @Andrew Siefert @Topher Weiss-Lehman @Lars Kotthoff @Emily Gipson @Shannon E Albeke @Scott Klasek If I missed you and you are keen please add your name to the list or watch this page (see options at upper right)!

Session one. Wednesday 3 pm - Shannon and Topher are gonna tell us about what they are doing for image analysis. Please invite anyone you like! Sorry to those that can’t make this time. As one might expect, there was no time that worked for all of us. Here is a zoom link we can use: